Turn your 29 into a grip machine!


Feel the control on the craziest trails with the New Race's 30mm wide inner rim, do not hesitate in the rough tracks or even in jumps, relax that the SD’s and SDR’s will do the work when the time comes.

New Race features the "get a grip" campaign, #getagrip, with a 5% and 10% discount on a pre-order on the selected models. Deadline of May 21, 2018.






Where to buy?





  1. You benefit from a 5% discount on a pre-order by the deadline of May 21, 2018 on selected models and dealers.
  2. Only the models mentioned below are part of the campaign:
    1. New Race SDR
    2. New Race SD
  3. Check the list of agents on www.newrace.eu.
  4. In no case will the additional discount be given to models not mentioned in the campaign, or to any model after the date of May 21, 2018.
  5. The "Get a grip" pre-order discount campaign ends on 05/21/2018 at 23:59.
  6. All wheels ordered until May 21 will be delivered only after the campaign has ended.